When having a car accident, it may be the case that you’ll be able to recall each and every detail afterwards, describing that everything, the entire event, happened in slow motion, having the impression that time was dilated. This disturbance in perception, specifically concerning vision, is named chronostasis.

A thorough analysis was conducted of this phenomenon, phenomenon that occurs in various conditions, usually when you find yourself by surprise in a very violent and threatening situation that inspires panic, anticipation of death. …

A study revealed that around the globe, many people have experienced so called déjà vu experiences in an intriguing manner. The statistics revealed, considering the time stamps, that there is an alignment, some kind of synchronization, not occurring in a random fashion in relation to each other, but being strongly correlated.

After various inquiries, it is known, that the flow of time is intertwined with loops, that there are temporal loops, events are repeating themselves, we go through experiences repeatedly. …

The researches found a glass box with a letter, explaining that this(our universe) is not real, but a computer simulation.

“You are in a computer simulation of our own making. To arrange things in perspectives, your world is equivalent with a tetris game in the context of our world. Our world haves completely different laws, it would be completely inconceivable for you, is so very different, unimaginable for you(it is not discrete for instance). Here is something you may understand about us: we don’t have a definitive form/shape, we are constantly changing our forms, we are metamorphs if you may…

This is a work of art and it should be viewed as such; where the writer doesn’t take responsibility for the change in behavior/mentality of the reader.

  • A system, as a watch, in order to be understood, must be decomposed/deconstructed in its constituents parts, the parts that can not be decomposed further. Let’s name these parts the elementary parts. Every elementary part has certain attributes and is in a certain relation with the other parts. The enunciation of these aspects would constitute the explanation, the explanation of how it works.
  • That is not the entire process… We need to rise the level of abstraction/interpretation gradually by grouping the parts strongly related, forming in a way, new, larger parts, with a different set of attributes, being in relation…

They were at the butterfly exhibition, finding catharsis, when she asked:

  • What a beautiful pattern this one haves. Why did it ended with this particular pattern inscribed and not with one other?
  • That is the result of evolution. Some butterflies had a particular pattern inscribed permitting them to not be seen by the attackers, to get lost among the flowers. Some other butterflies, having a different pattern, didn’t manage to camouflage themselves, getting eaten, not managing to reach the “replication chamber”.
  • So the others who managed to survive, managed to reach the “repl… chamber” as you call it, giving rise…

The room was filled with cigaret smoke, so filled that you could barely see or even keep your eyes opened.

  • I think it’s safe to affirm that there is no such thing as a mental process without being accompanied by a physical one, thus we have a flag.
  • By physical process I expect you mean that something moves in our cranium, like an electron from one place to the other, every time you have a thought or make a decision.
  • Certainly. But my question is the fallowing: Is the physical process preceding the mental process, or the other way around…

  • So we evolved to the point where we have consciousness. Every member of our kind posses it, perhaps in various degrees.
  • In various degrees? That seems a bit exaggerated I must say, knowing in advance why you made this ironic assumption.
  • Most of those people are preoccupied with just their basic needs like security, an income, intimate relationships, friends…
  • That is correct, consciousness emerged from an evolutionary stand point for us to be able to adapt and react to the changing environment in order to survive. So this rudimentary behavior it is easily explainable.
  • But gladly, there are adverse, side…

Maybe we are lost, lost like leaves in the autumn wind

  • We are constituted of moving minuscule particles, one of them said on the verge of losing her usual calm. All this particles, in a way, have predetermined trajectories.
  • That may be the case. These excruciating small particles, compose everything, including us. So our movement is predetermined by extension. We don’t have an option in moving either right or left; you just simply move.
  • This mishmash of particles that we are, (this temporary conglomerate); happening to move in tandem as one entity, labeled as being a someone.
  • Every position that…

  • “How do I end up recognizing a leaf?”, a pedestrian asked me yesterday.
  • Surprisingly, that is not a tedious question. I’m interested in hearing how have you exposed this subject to that ordinary someone, a complete stranger to this kind of matters.
  • I have started by saying that in order to learn the meaning of the word ‘leaf’, therefore recognizing one; is necessary to be presented in front of you a couple of particular leaves. That way, the idea of “leaf” will form in your mind.
  • Ok. So this idea you’ll end possessing is practically a general picture, you’ll see…

Mihail Alexandrescu

Just expressing some whimsical ideas. Attention! The characters that will be presented are pure fiction and the conversations didn't take place.

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