• Why there is altruism in the context of a family? This maternal/paternal carrying? We usually are selfish in general as we evolved to be so.
  • That is because there are genes in common, the child having half of the genes from mother and half of the genes from father. So, the supposed parents have been programmed by the genes to pay attention, to care for the child in order to propagate copies of their genes farther; ending by having grandchildren and so on.
  • As is well known, the “intention” of the genes is to perpetuate copies of themselves, fact that reflects in our behavior; where we, our bodies, serve as a protective mean among other things; from the exterior and the other members of our species, for the genes in case. It all started from the primeval soup, where the first self-replicating structures have emerged.
  • Frightening maybe. This selfishness in relation with others, is because of the fact that there are finite resources that you can find around, in order to survive. Your own success at survival is indirectly detrimental to the others… Think about a job position; if you are the one that is selected, the position is occupied, unavailable for others.
  • Surprisingly, we evolved to have consciousness.
  • That is not surprising at all. We evolved to have consciousness because the genes can not influence as so directly our behavior.
  • So in the end, consciousness is a must have in order to survive; to be able to react and adapt to the changing environment in real time.

Just expressing some whimsical ideas. Attention! The characters that will be presented are pure fiction and the conversations didn't take place.