They were at the butterfly exhibition, finding catharsis, when she asked:

  • What a beautiful pattern this one haves. Why did it ended with this particular pattern inscribed and not with one other?
  • That is the result of evolution. Some butterflies had a particular pattern inscribed permitting them to not be seen by the attackers, to get lost among the flowers. Some other butterflies, having a different pattern, didn’t manage to camouflage themselves, getting eaten, not managing to reach the “replication chamber”.
  • So the others who managed to survive, managed to reach the “repl… chamber” as you call it, giving rise to butterflies with similar patterns.

They left the exposition, walking, when a new question came to her mind:

  • What about our legs? We ended to have fairly long legs as you can see…
  • Sure, that is easily explainable… There were candidates in the past with long legs but also with short legs. The ones with longer legs managed to escape from the attackers, as lions, by running fast..
  • So you are saying that the other candidates with shorter legs, not being able to run fast enough, got caught by the lions, getting eaten. Therefore, not managing to reach the “… chamber”, therefore not giving rise to candidates in turn with most likely short legs.

They arrived at the restaurant, famished. She removes her immense hat and also the birdcage veil, revealing her face.

  • What about the sense of smell? Did we evolved in order to perceive something as smelling pleasant or unpleasant?
  • Obviously… We evolved to perceive a rotten dish as smelling unpleasant, ergo avoiding consuming it and not getting ill because of the contained bacteria.
  • So… if I understand correctly, there were candidates for whom the rotten dish smelled pleasant or as nothing at all, therefore consuming it; getting poisoned… failing to reach the acclaimed “… chamber”, passing further that dysfunctional sense of smell.
  • We should change the subject.
  • Yes. We’ve got a tint morbid…

Just expressing some whimsical ideas. Attention! The characters that will be presented are pure fiction and the conversations didn't take place.