Maybe we are lost, lost like leaves in the autumn wind

  • We are constituted of moving minuscule particles, one of them said on the verge of losing her usual calm. All this particles, in a way, have predetermined trajectories.
  • That may be the case. These excruciating small particles, compose everything, including us. So our movement is predetermined by extension. We don’t have an option in moving either right or left; you just simply move.
  • This mishmash of particles that we are, (this temporary conglomerate); happening to move in tandem as one entity, labeled as being a someone.
  • Every position that we find ourselves in, every situation; is exactly and precisely as it should be and it can not be in any other way. Every speck of dust or sand isn’t anywhere else but in it’s right place.
  • Let’s suppose that you would be able to defy the laws that govern all the interactions and movements of particles; let’s suppose you’ll be able to place this grain of salt somewhere that it can not and shouldn’t be at that moment.
  • You’ll violate the integrity of the entire universe… it’s consistency. Everything will end in an explosive and spectacular, even exquisite… disintegration.
  • Let’s leave this frivolities aside and ponder… ponder what would mean to know the position and velocity of every particle at this very moment; the present state of the universe?
  • You’ll be able, knowing also all the laws that govern them, to predict even the most distant future; to determine any future state of the universe but also any of its past states.
  • But as we found out, you can not know the exact position and the exact velocity at the same time of a selected particle. If you’d prefer to know the position more precisely, you’ll barely know something about the velocity and vice versa.
  • Another unsatisfied hypothetical dream. Nevertheless, let’s leave the subject by saying that every state of events that we can speak of, is determined by the previous ones under the dictation of the laws; more simply said, cause-and-effect.
  • How disconcerting it is. We are just under the impression that we move in a particular direction, that we speak a certain word at a certain moment; we proudly announce that we intentionally spoke it, by will. We just wonder in our minds.
  • We are just sustaining for our own comfort that we are driving the car, when in fact the car is autonomous, fallowing it’s course without our influence.
  • We are old fashioned.

Just expressing some whimsical ideas. Attention! The characters that will be presented are pure fiction and the conversations didn't take place.