The researches found a glass box with a letter, explaining that this(our universe) is not real, but a computer simulation.

“You are in a computer simulation of our own making. To arrange things in perspectives, your world is equivalent with a tetris game in the context of our world. Our world haves completely different laws, it would be completely inconceivable for you, is so very different, unimaginable for you(it is not discrete for instance). Here is something you may understand about us: we don’t have a definitive form/shape, we are constantly changing our forms, we are metamorphs if you may; it would appear that we are made of veils, that we are aery(roughly speaking). The computer on which your universe is simulated, you wouldn’t even call it a “computer”. We have “time” as you call it, but is quite different. But just to arrange things in perspective, to simulate a universe similar to yours until it vanishes, it takes the time of drinking a cup a coffee. (We are completely unfamiliar with this act of “drinking” or “coffee”). We did 1023 simulations until now with various parameters in place. As expected, all of them end in the most stable state, the state of nothingness. We observed that you have guessed correctly the values of some of the parameters, but not for the “Hubble” parameter. The idea was to see what life forms could emerge in the context of these simple rules we have implemented. After a long debate, we concluded that you could be considered a life form(a repugnant one nevertheless), so we thought to inform you of the situation. Thank you!”

Just expressing some whimsical ideas. Attention! The characters that will be presented are pure fiction and the conversations didn't take place.